Just me

Do you ever have one of those days
when the girl in the mirror isn’t you?
The brown, wavy hair,
the glasses —
not you.
The girl who cried in the practice room —
not you.
Alienated from yourself,
you question your own identity.
Who am I?
Who is she?
What? You don’t have those days?
Oh, okay then.
It’s just me.


A Cute Impostor 可愛い偽者

Another short story I wrote for my literature club. Often in club, we pull together random adjectives and nouns, and random members are assigned with whatever comes out. I said impostor/fake, and someone else said cute. And so, here is a cute impostor. (I’ll translate later) (Written April 2013)

またサークルのための短編小説です。サークルで、みんなが形容詞と名詞を提供して、二三人ぐらいがそのコンビネーションはテーマ通して短編小説を書くことになっている。「にせもの」と言って、ほかの人が「可愛い」といったから、「可愛いにせもの」はどうぞ。 (2013年4月)

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