Miracle – English Translation

Here is the English translation of a story I posted the other day. I really wish you could read Japanese, because this story works so well in Japanese: servant language, grammatically perfect Japanese, and the difference between heart/mind and heart/organ not reflected in English. There are also other word differences that do not have quite the same nuances in English. If anybody is interested in an analysis of my word choices in Japanese let me know…

Translating your own work is really hard. I want to stick to my original sentence structure, even though I should make it sound like more natural English.

So please, if you have any tips about writing formal English or robotic English, please give me your comments.

This is a very short steampunk story narrated from the point of view of an automaton. I may expand it later. Enjoy!

PS: Please imagine this in the most formal, humble language you can. I used extremely respectful language, especially when talking about Master. Thanks forever ❤

I have got a problem. It is raining. What should I do? If I go outside I will rust, but if I do not go out I will not deliver the medicine to Master and he may die. Either choice is unacceptable. What should I do?

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Translation: Penguin Highway 翻訳・ペンギンハイウェー

I translated excerpts of novels by Morimi Tomihiko for my literature circle. Here’s my bit from Penguin Highway. English on top, original below.

Thoughts on translating: The narrator is a fourth grader, but his style is formal Japanese. However, his short sentences are childish and not typical of Japanese formal writing. So I tried my best to maintain that in the English. Also, looking at this translation 7 months later I see some mistakes and would like to redo it… (Translated September 2012)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to the original work, and I am not making money from this endeavor, only having fun with Japanese literature. If asked to remove this post I gladly will.

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