The Girl With a Werewolf on Her Lap

She had been unwilling at first, but he had begged. Something about her calmed him down. He was sure it would work. It works for unicorns, he said. But you’re not a unicorn, she teased. I know, he whined, but the same principle applies. I wonder if they used to hunt werewolves like unicorns, using young maidens as bait, she mused. Stop, please, he pleaded. I don’t want to think about that. It was then that she realized he was more afraid of being hunted than she was of him.

It did work. Here she was, in the middle of the night, sitting in the woods with a werewolf on her lap. He did not want her to see the change, but she heard the horrible howl. She felt like part of her had died, and the pain evoked tears from her eyes. How was she ever supposed to calm a monster she was terrified of? And then he came, the fall of heavy paws resounding through the trees.

Here he was, before her, in the middle of the night, with a fire in his eyes. For a moment, she was sure that he had been wrong, that she would not be able to calm him, and that she would be eaten. However, in the next moment the fire was gone, and he instantly became docile, gently drawing nearer. She looked into his eyes and found her friend. Was he conscious, or just a beast?

Like a child after a temper tantrum, he slept in her embrace. Her fingers were wrapped up in his fur, and her fear had been replaced with serenity. The next morning she would fear for the future, and wonder if she would have to do this for the rest of her life. She didn’t even love the boy. But in this moment, she was content with his warm presence. She thanked the moon, and prayed that the sun would not rise.


2 thoughts on “The Girl With a Werewolf on Her Lap

  1. *”be he had begged” ;). I like this story though I sort of want to know more about the MC’s relationship to the werewolf boy. What’s their relationship like that she would do this for him, if she doesn’t love him? Why did he, the werewolf, choose her (does he love her)? Does she have a boyfriend herself, and if so how will that affect these moonlight adventures she has to go on?

    Maybe these questions don’t really need to be answered, but it was what I thought about as I read this over.

    • Thank you for your comment! Another friend also said she wanted to read more. I only have inklings of where the story could go from here, but I think I do want to write more. This scene was the first image I got of the story, and it intrigued me. I will definitely keep your questions in mind as I work on expanding the story.

      Thanks again for your excellent commentary 😉

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