Princess Rosette: Part 2

Part 2? Wait, where was part 1? Part 1 is the fairy tale “Princess Rosette” by Madame L’Aulnoy, published in Andrew Lang’s Red Fairy Book. Because the novel I’m planning involved fairy tales and folklore, I’m responding to existing fairy tales. So here is an unhappily ever after sequel to “Princess Rosette.” (This is also why I haven’t posted in a few days…)

You can gather the original story from my story here, but the original tale is about a princess who was locked in a tower for the first 15 years of her life because the fairies said she would cause harm to her brothers. Once her parents die, her brother becomes king and lets her out. One of the first things she comes across is a peacock. Her brothers tell her that some people eat peacocks. She is disturbed, and declares that she will marry no one but the King of the Peacocks of she can prevent people from eating peacocks. The brothers then go search for the Peacock Kingdom and convince the King to marry their sister. The rest of the story is too much fun to spoil here, but as I’m sure you guessed, Rosette and the King marry in the end. You can read the original here:

And so, here is their unhappily ever after.

*Note: I welcome any critique and helpful advice. 🙂

Princess Rosette laughed until her sides hurt. It’s not that the old man had anything especially hilarious, it was just nice to hear something remotely entertaining. Marriage to the King of the Peacocks had not been as nice as she had imagined. Okay yes, she had made treaties with other nations ensuring that nobody would be eating any more peacocks, and she got to play with beautiful peacocks all day, but otherwise living with the King of the Peacocks had been uneventful.

Okay, yes, he was very handsome. It would not be hard to argue that he was the most attractive man, or peacock man, she’d ever seen. That was not hard to believe, however, because she lived in the Peacock Kingdom, which was full of, well, peacocks. And before that she ruled her brother’s kingdom for a very short-time while he and the Prince were looking for the King of the Peacocks. But before that she lived in a tower…for fifteen years.

As an immature fifteen year-old, a super attractive peacock-man was all she could have dreamed for. But now, at the wise age of nineteen and the youngest queen to ever make so much ground on such a controversial topic as peacock consumption, she just could not admire her husband as she once did. For one thing, he was not as excelled in the art of conversation as she, which cannot be helped since he lived among birds. But she wished that he had more to talk about than how beautiful he was, and how beautiful she was, and how beautiful he was.

And so, whenever she had the opportunity, on days like today, she sneaked off to spend dinner with the little old man who fished her out of the sea four years earlier. She had no romantic attachments to the man, but talking to him reminded her of her father, who she sorely missed. The old man was sweet with a beautiful smile made even more beautiful by his collection of wrinkles. And of course Frisk, her little green dog, came along. He provided dinner, stealing from her own kitchen. She could have ordered the food to be delivered, but it was more fun watching Frisk drag in a whole ham.

Before the old man could finish his story, the door burst open. The King’s feathers were all ruffled and he was very cross. It was moments like this when it was hardest to tell if he was really a bird or a man. Princess Rosette always had to hold back her laugher at the sight, but because she was already laughing she started laughing even more. And of course the laughing angered him further, which looked even funnier to the princess and the old man. Even the dog joined in the laughter. The laughter was wonderful, and Rosette wished that it could go on. However, being the responsible queen that she was, she had a duty to stop it. Reluctantly, she composed herself and handled the situation like any good diplomat would. She flattered his beauty and power, implied that he must have forgotten her invitation, and asked him to join them. Receiving such flattery, the King of Peacocks calmly joined them. Rosette sighed at her simple bird of a husband, and wondered when her next happy day would be.


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